About the CEO/Founder


Youth Takeover was founded in 2018 by Tomeka L. Murray, who is the mother of three student/athletes, who knows the importance of education and uses her educational experiences as well as her personal and professional experiences to help educate other parents and student/athletes. Having raised a collegiate student/athlete, she’s learned the importance of education in the recruiting process, as well as the hardships student/athletes and their families, face when they are not fully prepared. She is dedicated to making sure that other student/athletes can fully understand the importance of education. She has given lectures to student athletes about educations, NCAA Clearing House preparations, and the recruiting process as it pertained to her son and family.

The company’s mission is to provide students/athletes ranging from ages 11-18 years old along with their parents’ information that will help them become knowledgeable about the NCAA Clearinghouse rules and regulations upon leaving junior high school through their high school years. We believe that athletic participation helps students grow, learn, and enjoy themselves while they use and develop their personal, physical, and intellectual skills. However, we want to prevent children and parents from making sports related goals and not fully incorporating the educational component in their goals.

Now that my oldest son is done with high school and in college, my goal is to help and provide information to those who inspire to be a student athlete on the next level. The process of having a student/athlete has become a little simpler for me and my younger two boys. I have a full understanding of the system and how to make it work for the student athlete and their families. I now want to help student/athletes become well-rounded in the classroom and in their prospected sport. Through research, we’ve found that inner city kids are excelling in sports but are struggling unnecessarily in the classrooms and or their college eligibility. Our goal is to help kids think about college at a young age while giving them and their parents the information needed to be college ready when the time comes.